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Zumba With Solange

Certified since August 2020, I have been shimmying & shaking my way all throughout Rochester, teaching classes across the city.  

A large number of seniors in Solange's Zumba class at the Community Center in Greece
Why I Started

Beginning my journey in the summer of 2020, I wanted to provide a space where the adult community could come together in a safe, uplifting environment. My class provides a rejuvenating way to exercise, allowing adults to escape & decompress - while jamming to great music and having a good time!!

A group of 13 after a Zumba class.
What We Practice 






-how to be fly as hell

16 people in Solange's first zumba class, located outdoor in a big field with a giant tree in the background.

-boosts enduarance

-targets core, legs, arms

-improves rhythm, stamina

& coordination

-adapts to all fitness levels

-smiling is guaranteed :)

Donetta Tchoroleev, NY

"This class was awesome! Fun, easy to follow along, and a great workout. What a fabulous way to start my Thursday!"

Astrid Jirka, NY

"You have lovely, uplifting energy and move beautifully with grace and a great smile :)"

Sully Malaeb-Proux, CA

"Solange taught a wonderful class. She was engaging and makes the hard stuff fun to do. Great instructor, great class throughline, fun music, very fun steps. All in all, Solange is a wonderful teacher." 

Jaime Miller, NY

"Solange is amazing, this is a great workout that is easy to follow along even for beginners, and you definitely get a good sweat in. Great via live-stream or in person. Thank you Solange!"

Dance with Me

Be on the lookout for my next Pop-Up Session. 

Need a team bonding activity with your co-workers? ---> Book me for a pop-up class.

Need a fun activity to do with your friends & family? ---> Book me for a pop-up class.

Looking to be sexy & in shape for the rest of your life? --> BOOK ME FOR A POP-UP CLASS!

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