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Choreography + Projects

A select few of the projects that I have created throughout the past several years. Visit my Youtube channel for more!

My most recent creation. In honor of Beth and the apartment on Church Street, one of the most extraordinary places I’ve never known. Thank you Beth for sharing your beautiful home with us ♥️ Shoutout Saratoga Springs!

"Igor's Dream" explores several concepts and elements of dreaming, both asleep and awake. I used personal experiences along with the experiences of my dancers to create a dream world for the viewers to enter.

"Three Paths One Journey" (Trailer)

Choreo: Solange Rodrigues

Dancers: Nicholas Alselmo, Solange, Julie Shlafer Rossette

Music: Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez

Cinematographer & Editing: Avi Pryntz-Nadworny

Trailer by Solange Rodrigues

Originally conceived for the Society of New Music's Vision of Sound festival, and premiered at the Carrier Theater, Civic Theater in Syracuse, NY, 2022. 


Kerala is a game of thrones.  A friendly competition between a pack, playing with elements of manipulation and control to fight for the title of the alpha. 

A freestyled dance video featuring my brothers and I, shot in in the beginning of the pandemic (April 2020), taking place in the back parking lot of our old high school, Greece Athena.

"Helpless Hope" is a battle between the feelings of helplessness and hopefulness. Two contradicting feelings that I often felt overwhelmed by during the pandemic.

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A little diddy my classmates and I made in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, during our semester abroad.

Edited and directed by me. 

 InAnInstant - A piece depicting the concepts of urgency and spontaneity. Playing with and trusting natural impulse and instincts in the midst of the movement.

My second senior project at SUNY Purchase College, made in April 2020, starring my beautiful mom Yanick, and big brother Nick :)

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