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Pilates with Solange

Certified since October 2021 through Evolution Pilates, I have been teaching group Pilates classes, as well as private sessions throughout the city of Rochester. 

Solange Rodrigues sitting on a ledge on a rooftop wearing all black in Brooklyn, NY

Why Pilates? And why work with me?

“Pilates is a complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit” - Joseph Pilates

So in a nutshell, not only are you strengthening your body, but you’re exercising a connection between your mind and body that will enhance your mental and emotional well-being.  I love Pilates because it’s a great way to quickly figure out: what areas of your body are weak VS strong,

what areas are out of alignment, and more.

The beauty of the practice is that it can be catered to your specific wants and needs, everybody is different, and every body is different, therefore in a private lesson, we will find what works for you.  Pilates can pertain to anyone, whether you are an athlete that trains several hours a day, or someone that works the cash register at Wegmans, we find what works for you.

There are several different principles that the Pilates practice is based on, the ones I focus on are:

- concentration








Embedding a practice like this into your daily routine is key for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 


Why me? 

I am a dancer, I have been practicing how to move with flow and grace for my entire life, therefore my class has a type of finesse  that will leave you feeling oh so good!! 

Book with Me
all levels welcomed - sessions conducted via zoom*



(first session)

50 min / $35 !!



(single sessions)

  • 50 min / $55

  • 30 min / $30

  • 1 hr / $60



  • Pack of 5 sessions - 50 min / $240

  • Pack of 5 sessions - 30 min / $150

  • Pack of 5 sessions - 1 hr / $265

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